About the restaurant

Restaurant Pelmeni Club Pattaya

We love it when in restaurants everything is for real.

That is why a highly qualified team of chefs prepares for you in the Pelmeni Club restaurant. A specially invited chef from Russia, with extensive experience and work experience from the best establishments of St. Petersburg and Siberia, is working on Russian dishes. Local dishes are prepared by the best Thai chefs following traditional classic recipes. For lovers of European cuisine, we always have a large selection of European classics.

The morning at the Pelmeni Club starts with a late breakfast, followed by quick business lunches and work meetings at noon. In the evening, steaks and green salads flavored with sauces, grilled seafood, champagne and wines appear on the tables, as well as the favorite Xenessy XO.

At the end of the week, fun parties are held here and the hall is crowded with regular guests.
We bring spices and seasonings for Russian dishes specially from Russia, and we even knead the dough according to an old Russian recipe.

Our dumplings are molded by hand, observing all the rules and standards of cleanliness and hygiene.


The interior, designed by a Moscow designer, is inspired by Russian culture: the walls are decorated with antiques, paintings and vintage utensils. Soft light and natural wood create a special warm home atmosphere.
For lovers of fresh air, we always have tables on the summer terrace overlooking the garden, where we have created a romantic and light atmosphere for you. Nice music unobtrusively accompanies you throughout the entire time.


The restaurant's cuisine is inspired by Russian traditions and modern local products. Here, fresh Italian salads coexist with good-quality Russian soups, salmon steaks, lobsters and other grilled seafood, as well as poultry and kebabs.
And of course our signature dumplings and handmade dumplings with various fillings. Lovers of Thai cuisine will not remain indifferent to the classic tom-yam and som-tam. The wine list will delight connoisseurs of good wine from different countries, and the bar will always offer you classic German draft and local beer at affordable prices.

Chef Ruslan

My cuisine is selected products, iron order and unconditional love for work.

That is why my dishes embody bold gastronomic fantasies and win your hearts.

We combine gourmet cuisine, high service and a cozy atmosphere.

We value each guest, charge with positive and excellent mood.


Dear friends, in order to significantly save money, check out the offers that we offer you.

1.  MAKE A POST - Make a post on social networks, inform the administrator about it before paying and she will kindly give you a 15% discount on the order value

2.  HAPPY HOURS - in the period from 15.00 to 18.00 we provide a discount on all menus -20%

3.  TAKE YOURSELF - by placing an order on the spot and taking it with you, you can save 20%

4.  BIRTHDAY - during the week before and after your birthday, we give you a special 25% discount

5.  PLACE ONLINE ORDER - select food on the website, add it to the basket and send us an on-line order, we will tell you the preparation time and you can pick it up yourself with a 15% discount

6.  GIFT CERTIFICATE - you can purchase a gift certificate (from the amount of 1000 thb), give it or use it yourself with a -20% discount (you can choose the amount in installments)

7.  CORPORATE - to celebrate special events, we can offer you an individual menu and special prices.