Bluefin Tuna Tataki with Ponzu Sauce

Bluefin Tuna Tataki with Ponzu Sauce
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We invite you to enjoy our delicious cold appetizer dish - blue tuna tataki with ponzu sauce, daikon and wasabi. This dish, prepared according to traditional Japanese recipes, will give you a vivid taste experience and immerse you in the atmosphere of the East.

Our Bluefin Tuna Tataki starts with select fresh tuna that is lightly seared on the outside while remaining tender and juicy on the inside. This cooking method preserves the full flavor of the fish and emphasizes its natural texture.

The main role in this dish is played by ponzu sauce - a traditional Japanese sauce made from soy sauce, citrus juice and other aromatic ingredients. Ponzu gives tuna a piquant sourness and slight saltiness, creating a harmonious combination of flavors.

The dish is complemented by grated daikon, a Japanese radish that adds freshness and crunchy texture. Its delicate taste goes perfectly with the rich taste of tuna and ponzu sauce, giving the dish additional accents.

The composition is completed by wasabi, a spicy Japanese horseradish that adds piquancy and spiciness to the dish. Wasabi is added in small quantities to enhance the flavor of the tuna without overpowering its delicate notes.

Our bluefin tuna tataki with ponzu sauce, daikon and wasabi is the perfect cold appetizer for gourmets and lovers of Japanese cuisine. We invite you to try this gastronomic masterpiece in our restaurant, where every serving is prepared with love and attention to detail.


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