Oysters with Wine Vinegar, Shallot and Lime

Oysters with Wine Vinegar, Shallot and Lime
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We invite you to enjoy an exquisite delicacy from the cold appetizers section - oysters with wine vinegar, shallots and lime, straight from Thailand. This dish combines the freshness of seafood and the subtlety of Asian flavors to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Our oysters are carefully selected and harvested directly from Thailand to maintain their freshness and natural sea flavor. Each oyster is opened just before serving so you can enjoy their pristine flavor and texture.

To add extra sophistication to the dish, oysters are served with wine vinegar and finely chopped shallots. Wine vinegar adds a slight sourness, emphasizing the delicate taste of oysters, and shallots add a subtle aroma and slight spiciness to the dish.

The composition is completed with fresh lime, which is added to the oysters before serving. Lime not only garnishes the dish, but also adds freshness and brightness, creating the perfect combination of flavors.

Our Oysters with Wine Vinegar, Shallots and Lime are the perfect cold appetizer for special occasions, romantic dinners or just to indulge yourself in a gourmet treat. We invite you to try this delicacy in our restaurant, where each serving is prepared with love and respect for culinary traditions.


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