DUMPLINGS with Strawberries

DUMPLINGS with Strawberries
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Gifts of nature combined with culinary art - our Strawberry dumplings offer you an indescribable taste of summer. This is a dish that will enrich your table with delicate sweetness and joy from every bite.

The combination of fresh Strawberry and tender dough creates a harmonious dish that pleases the eye and taste buds. Each dumpling is hand-sculpted to reflect all the bright aromas and flavors of this natural ingredient.

This dish can be enjoyed in its purest form to enjoy the taste of sweet Strawberry in all their sweetness. Or pair it with a sauce that creates an exquisite combination of textures and flavors.

Cherry dumplings are an ideal choice for those who are looking for naturalness and harmony of flavors in desserts. They perfectly complement your lunch or dinner with a touch of freshness and sweetness.

We invite you to the restaurant "Pelmeni Club Pattaya" to try this unique dish and feel the taste of summer joy. Enjoy every cherry dumpling prepared with care and passion for cooking.


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