Dumpings with salmon

Dumpings with salmon
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At the Pelmeni Club Pattaya restaurant we present you an exquisite dish that will conquer your taste buds - dumplings with salmon. It is a combination of tender salmon and an exquisite cooking workshop that will provide you with a unique gastronomic journey.

Fresh salmon, prepared with care to preserve its natural taste and aroma, becomes the protagonist of this dish. Each dumpling is a meticulously crafted culinary masterpiece that combines tender salmon meat and thin crust to give the dish a unique flavor profile.

With its delicate texture and rich taste, salmon dumplings are a great choice for special occasions or romantic dinners. Accompanied by a delicate light sauce, they add sophistication and a bewitching aroma to the dish.

This dish goes well with a variety of wines or cool champagne, emphasizing the luxury and sophistication of the moment. We invite you to plunge into the world of the highest gastronomic delights in our restaurant and taste the unique dumplings with salmon, which will become a real culinary discovery for your taste.


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