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Vareniki with Cheese

Vareniki with Cheese
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Immerse yourself in the world of tenderness and velvety with our cheese dumplings. This is a dish that embodies the harmony between homemade tradition and exquisite taste, inviting you on a real culinary journey.

The combination of tender dough and aromatic cheese creates the perfect balance between texture and taste. Our cheese dumplings are made with love and care, each one is hand-sculpted to ensure its unique shape and richness of flavors.

Cheese, melting inside each dumpling, reveals its delicate and rich taste from the very first bite.

Cheese dumplings are a dish that is perfect for those who appreciate refined and simple tastes. They are suitable for both a light lunch and a cozy dinner. This dish is also ideal for those who are looking for harmony between simplicity and sophistication in cooking.

We invite you to enjoy this unique dish at the "Pelmeni Club Pattaya" restaurant, where each cheese dumpling is a small culinary masterpiece created for your real pleasure.


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