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Dumplings with pork and beef

Dumplings with pork and beef
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Hot, juicy and full of sophisticated flavors, our pork and veal dumplings are a true culinary journey through the best flavors of Russian cuisine. In our restaurant, we have brought this classic recipe to life, giving it a unique touch of luxury and sophistication.

Each dumpling is an art in miniature. We hand-form each dumpling, carefully combining fresh and natural pork and veal. Minced meat, cooked with love and attention to detail, is wrapped in a tender and elastic dough, retaining all the flavors and nutrients.

The dish is served with an exquisite sauce prepared according to a special chef's recipe. The combination of tender beef with a small proportion of pork creates the perfect balance between softness and richness of taste. In each dumpling, you can feel the harmony of the ingredients, which creates a unique impression on every taste bud.

Pelmeni with pork and veal is not just a dish, it is a real culinary experience that deserves a place on your table. They are ideal for both lovers of meat dishes and connoisseurs of gourmet gastronomy. Freshly baked, hot dumplings are a great choice for lunch or dinner.

We invite you to enjoy the unique tastes and atmosphere of our restaurant, where each dish is prepared with soul and desire to please you with the best culinary experience.


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