Garlic Croutons with Tartar Sauce

Garlic Croutons with Tartar Sauce
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Borodinsky Bread, Spices, Garlic.

We invite you to enjoy our delicious dish from the hot appetizers section - garlic croutons with tartar sauce. This dish combines the crunchy texture, rich garlic flavor and decadent flavor of classic tartar sauce.

Our croutons are made from fresh bread, which is cut into slices and fried until golden brown. Each slice is infused with the aroma of garlic, creating a rich and spicy taste that lovers of garlic dishes are sure to love.

Tartar sauce, prepared according to a traditional recipe, adds special sophistication to the croutons. It's made with fresh ingredients including mayonnaise, pickles, capers and herbs, which give the sauce a smooth, creamy texture and rich flavor. The tartar sauce perfectly complements the crispy croutons, creating a harmonious combination that makes this dish unforgettable.

Our garlic toast with tartar sauce is the perfect hot appetizer for any occasion, whether it's a social gathering, a family dinner, or just a quick snack. They are perfect for warming up your appetite before the main course or enjoying the taste in the company of friends.

We invite you to try our garlic croutons with tartar sauce in our restaurant, where each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail. Enjoy the crunchy texture and rich flavor of this hot snack, created for true gourmets.


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