Wild Salmon Steak

Wild Salmon Steak
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Wild Salmon Steak with Shrimp Sauce, Herbs and Grilled Avocado

Give your evening an exquisite celebration of taste with our unrivaled Wild Salmon Steak. This is a dish where the tenderness of the salmon is combined with the subtlety of the shrimp sauce and the freshness of the avocado, creating harmony in every bite.

Each steak, carefully prepared and seared, reveals the gastronomic splendor of wild salmon. Shrimp sauce, infused with the aroma of herbs, adds piquancy and sophistication to the dish. And the grilled avocado adds a touch of extra freshness and texture.

This dish is a real extravaganza of taste, inviting you to a feast in the world of exquisite fish gastronomy. Immerse yourself in a sophisticated evening with our Wild Salmon Steak and savor the splendor of every bite.


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