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Avocado Salad with Tiger Shrimps

Avocado Salad with Tiger Shrimps
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Avocado Salad with Tiger Prawns, Lettuce Mix, Cherry Tomatoes, and Olive-Lemon Sauce

Give your palate an extravaganza with our Avocado Salad, where every ingredient is a carnival of flavors and textures.

Tender mixed lettuce leaves create the base for this delicious salad, while tiger prawns add intense sea flavor and aroma. The freshness of the cherry tomatoes and the creaminess of the avocado create the perfect balance, while the olive-lemon sauce adds a sophisticated finishing touch to the dish.

This salad is not just a dish, it is pure magic in every fork. We invite you to a culinary show in our restaurant, where every serving of this salad is a bright and satisfying event for your taste. Discover the arena of flavors and enjoy gastronomic theater with our Avocado Salad.


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