Olivier salad with homemade mayonnaise and smoked ham

Olivier salad with homemade mayonnaise and smoked ham
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We invite you to try our updated version of the classic Olivier salad, which acquires new shades of taste thanks to the addition of smoked ham and homemade mayonnaise. This dish is a real find for those who value tradition and not afraid of experiments.

Our Olivier salad is based on traditional ingredients: boiled potatoes, carrots, eggs, green peas and crispy pickled cucumbers. Each of these ingredients is carefully prepared to preserve its natural flavor and texture.

The addition of smoked ham gives the salad a special piquancy and richness, which perfectly complements the usual tastes. Smoked ham adds a slight hint of smoke and a unique aroma, making this dish even more appetizing.

We pay special attention to our homemade mayonnaise. Made from fresh and natural ingredients, it has a rich flavor and creamy texture that perfectly ties all the salad components into one harmonious composition. Homemade mayonnaise adds lightness and tenderness to the salad, highlighting the natural taste of each ingredient.

Our Olivier salad with homemade mayonnaise and smoked ham is an ideal dish for the holiday table and special occasions. It combines the comfort of home cooking and the sophistication of a restaurant dish, creating an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


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