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Grilled Octopus Salad

Grilled Octopus Salad
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Salad with Grilled Octopus, Celery Stem, New Potatoes and Artichokes.

Discover the magic of the deep sea with our delicious grilled octopus salad. This dish is a true work of culinary art, where each ingredient plays its unique role in creating gastronomic harmony. The focus of our salad is octopus, grilled until golden brown, maintaining its unique texture and delicate taste.

We top off this seaside delicacy with crisp celery stalks and new potatoes boiled to perfection. Celery brings freshness and a hint of heat, while new potatoes add heartiness and softness, creating the perfect balance of flavors and textures.

Artichokes add their own sophisticated touch to this composition, highlighting the richness and variety of ingredients. Their slightly bitter taste pairs perfectly with the softness of the octopus and the freshness of the vegetables, making every bite unforgettable.

This salad not only satisfies your taste expectations, but also pleases the eye with its colorful and elegant presentation. It is ideal for a light lunch or dinner, surprising with its sophistication and originality. We invite you to enjoy this culinary masterpiece in our restaurant, where every dish is a journey into the world of taste and aroma.


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