Thai Style Veal Salad

Thai Style Veal Salad
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Salad with Veal, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Carrots in Thai Style.

We invite you to enjoy our unique veal salad, prepared in the best traditions of Thai cuisine. This dish is the perfect combination of sophistication and simplicity, seasoned with oriental notes, which is sure to delight your palate.

The centerpiece of the salad is the veal, cooked to perfection to retain all its juices and tenderness. The meat is cut into thin slices, making it perfectly soft and flavorful.

Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots add crisp freshness and brightness to the salad. Vegetables are carefully selected and chopped to ensure each bite is filled with a variety of textures and flavors.

The Thai style of cooking is manifested in a special sauce that combines sweet, sour and spicy notes, emphasizing and complementing the taste of all ingredients. This sauce turns the salad into a real masterpiece of taste, allowing you to plunge into the atmosphere of exotic Thailand.

Our Thai-style veal, cucumber, tomato and carrot salad is not only deliciously delicious, but also beautifully presented. It will be an excellent choice for those who are looking for something special and want to try new flavor combinations.


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