White wine by glass Birchgrove Chardonnay

White wine by glass Birchgrove Chardonnay
220 baht
150 ml
  • Order from the waiter in the restaurant!

Birchgrove Chardonnay is an elegant white wine created from the Chardonnay grape, one of the most popular and versatile white wine varieties in the world. Chardonnay is known for its ability to express terroir, which means that the taste and aroma of the wine can vary significantly depending on the region of production, grape growing conditions and vinification methods.

Birchgrove Chardonnay is typically medium-bodied with well-balanced acidity, offering a complex aromatic profile including green apple, pear, peach, citrus, and hints of honey, vanilla and oak when aged in oak barrels. The presence of oak adds warm notes of spice and toast to the wine, making it more complex and rich.

Particular attention in the production of this wine is paid to the balance between fruit aromas, acidity and the contribution of oak, which requires high skill from the winemaker. In this way, Birchgrove Chardonnay can serve as an excellent example of the craftsmanship and tradition of winemaking, reflecting the unique characteristics of its region.

This wine goes well with a wide range of dishes, from seafood and fish to poultry and light meat dishes, as well as a variety of cheeses and pastas.


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