Frozen Vareniki with potatoes & mushrooms

Frozen Vareniki with potatoes & mushrooms
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Introducing our frozen potato and mushroom dumplings, the perfect combination of tradition and modern convenience. Now you can enjoy the delicious flavors of this homemade dish without having to cook it yourself.

Each dumpling is carefully prepared using fresh ingredients, including tender potatoes and flavorful mushrooms. They are then frozen to preserve freshness and flavor until you are ready to enjoy them.

Making our frozen dumplings is quick and easy. Just boil water, add the dumplings and soon you will be enjoying fragrant and juicy dumplings, as if they were just cooked.

Order for delivery and let yourself enjoy the true tastes of home cooking, even if you have limited cooking time. Our frozen potato and mushroom dumplings give you the opportunity to create a cozy and delicious meal at any time convenient for you.


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